Prelude to a Requiem Part III Clean feet… Clean heart… Glory of completing the work.

Throughout Jesus teaching ministry, he was often a bit obscure in his meaning, frequently using common activities to illustrate external principles. But his teaching was not merely designed to enlighten the minds of his disciples and the populace; he wanted them to know his heart… And the fathers heart. Small things, often symbolic things matter.

From a piece of bread and a cup of wine we remember and experience Christ as the head of the church and his body. From a tiny child, amongst farm animals with an unwed mother, and a few shepherds, angels pronounce peace on earth, good will to all people.

In the upper room, Jesus puts on a towel and assumes the role of a servant … A timely servant\leader. Why? Because someone had to clean the dirty feet, to wash away the residual filth of the world. Of course, clean feet meant more then clean feet, they meant (at least for all but Judas) a clean heart… This was necessary for them to move forward in their glorious mission. Clean feet, clean hearts, pure motives… Well, perhaps not yet totally pure, as one big issue remained… Do you love me?  And the beat goes on. I know you betray me… knowing betrayal and failure was in all their hearts.

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Blessings from Dr. Stan


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