So, what does all this mean for you?

Well, my life experience and education have brought me to a place where I am still a doer myself, with lots of dreams yet to be fulfilled, but an even better coach.  I can help you to develop your inherent skills to become more effective in life, business, ministry, etc.   I have lots and lots of friends that are a part of our informal “Vision Group” who I can bring to you, if you need specialized help in almost any area of your life or ministry.  My heart is to work with the next generation of leaders, and existing leaders.  Those who need, as we all do at times, someone to come along side of them with an accurate listening ear, compassionate heart and wisdom born of experience, to help them work out answers for their lives.

My greatest interest is in:

  • Working with leaders who want to enhance their life skills in one or more areas.
  • Helping men and women develop more effective Strategic Life Plans that will move them forward in their key life areas.
  • Consulting with or counselling teams, whether church or business, helping them become more effective and integrated for bottom line benefit.

Frankly, I have been doing this with churches, businesses and individuals for free, or an occasional offering for a long, long time…but time is something precious to all of us, and I realize that for most, time, money and effective change are all linked together.

If you are interested in counsel or coaching for a more effective life, I would be honored to help.

Dr. Stan DeKoven

Coaching options with a Vision Group