Mourning to Dancing

A Personal Testimony from a reader….

“Last July 28, my husband of 34 years unexpectedly passed away.  Although Stan had some physical problems during the last 4 years, he always had good medical checkups.  His problems were with his frame and mobility due to extreme arthritis and constant pain.  So, when he drew his last breath sitting next to me watching the NASCAR race, my world turned upside down.

Having the opportunity to read this book was painful, comforting, informative, and inspirational.  Throughout the reading process I felt that Dr. Stan was talking directly to me; page after page, so many of the explanations and examples resonated with me. It was difficult to keep reading sometimes, but in the end having the opportunity to read this survival manual was a blessing.

I praise the Lord for providing me with the “prescription” I needed, and I thank you and Dr. Stan  for the opportunity to receive it. I am certain this book can and will help many who are attempting to survive a devastating loss.”  


Maria Shrider of Findlay, Ohio


I wish I did not have as much experience with loss, grief and mourning as I do, but I do.  I have buried two wives, my mom, and a few other significant relatives and friends. In addition I have walked with many men and women through the painful journey of loss and grief. Every man and woman will meet grief many times along the path of life, for it is truly a part of life.

We mourn for lost loved ones; we “feel bad” (a form of mourning) when we move away from old friends; we “hurt” when we lose an important job; we feel “devastated” in a divorce. Of course, the greatest grief is usually experienced when we lose a spouse or, God forbid, a child.

As a practicing family counselor, former pastor, and current teacher of practical theology, I have helped hundreds of precious people work through the grief process. However, in this booklet we will discover grief and mourning have some common characteristics which no two people experience in the same way. Grief and mourning are a journey; it is a journey best walked with someone possessing knowledge of the journey, a listening ear, and an open heart.

This booklet is written as a companion for the sufferer. It is not a substitute for a good counselor, strong and loving family, pastor, etc. But it will help cut to the chase in regards to what to expect as you begin a journey no one wants to walk. This book has been specifically written to help the counselor, pastor, lay-leader minister, and the hurting person to:

  • Recognize the grief relief process,
  • Accept it as normal, and then
  • Learn how to work through the mourning process, utilizing the transforming and sustaining power of Jesus Christ as found in the word of God and practical wisdom.

I pray that the tools of ministry which God has given me in my counseling practice will help each person reading this book to learn how to reduce the trauma of loss in their life, and increase the joy of their Christ-centered walk.

Dr. Stan

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