Prelude to a Requiem Part II – The Long Dusty Road of the Longing Heart

In Luke 22, Jesus make a most revealing statement “Oh how I have longed to share this meal with you before I suffer”. (v15).

My sense of the statement is this,  it went far deeper than just having lunch.   From the very beginning of his ministry he wanted to share everything he had with his team.  He wanted to share his resources, his gifts, and even his very life. It was time for Jesus to fulfill His part in the grand drama of eternity;  and of course, he did not want to go through his humiliation leading triumph alone.

Jesus’ time of preparation was over.  The cross was ahead of him and as the consummate leader, his focus was not on himself but on his father and his disciples. Thus, as you can read in John 13-17, he takes his disciples on a necessary roller coaster of emotions… highs and lows, to shake out any residual selfishness in his team and help them deal with the unthinkable… The Crucifixion of their best friend, Savior and Lord. Thus Jesus did for them, for the Father, and for the mission. Get ready for the ride.


Dr. Stan

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