The following is a list of Seminars and Workshops with a short description of each. Most of the seminars taught by Dr. DeKoven correspond with a book he has written, or one by Dr. Ken Chant

An alphabetical listing of the seminars can be found in the Index at the end of this catalog. The numbers by the course offerings relate to the Vision International University catalog.

Bible Department


The Bible: That Incredible Book — BI 100

The Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God. This course outlines how we obtained our Bible, its importance, revelation, inspiration and how to study it effectively.

Fresh Manna: Introduction to the Study of God’s Word — BI 100

This course equips students for personal study of the Word of God. Students learn how to        study the Bible, chapter, paragraph, verse, and word. Other methods taught  include  biographical, devotional, theological, typological, and topical. Special guidelines for       studying Bible poetry and prophecy are presented and students are taught methods of charting and outlining.

Basic Bible Survey:  Introduction to the Old Testament  — BI 101

This survey provides an overview of the entire Old Testament. Study outlines of each book           of the Bible are provided for the further development by the student.

Basic Bible Survey: Introduction to the New Testament — BI 102

This survey provides an overview of the entire New Testament. Study outlines of each book of the Bible are provided for further development by the student.

New Testament

Great Themes of the Gospels — RS 107

The study of theology is demystified through a thorough understanding of the great words found in the Bible. Words such as justification, sanctification, and propitiation are discussed along with their meanings.

Pauline Epistles — BI 204

An analytical and expository study of letters of the New Testament examining their teaching concerning leadership, organization of the church, and the ministry.

Counseling Department


On Belay! Introduction to Christian Counseling — CC 201

The church and ministers in particular are beginning to see the need for expansion in the area of Christian counseling in the church program. Christians have been seeking counseling     from secular counselors and in some cases Christian counselors outside of the local church. This seminar teaches how the minister and others in the local church can become effective in Christian counseling.

Why do I do the Things I do? Assessment of Human Needs –CC 407

This seminar deals with the study of the emotional problems – their antecedent and consequences with a special emphasis on the destructiveness of sin.

Journey to Wholeness: Restoration of the Soul –RS 109

As a young man, I wondered, “How do I get from childhood to maturity in Christ?” In this dynamic seminar, the stages of spiritual growth are outlined using typology from the Word of God and examples from the natural world. The “big” picture of God’s plan for man and how He intends for man to walk effectively as a victorious Christian is presented.

Cross Cultural Counseling — CC 410

This seminar will present a study of cultural differences and how they affect the way people interact. The seminar covers communication and culture in a missions context, including such topics as (1) how to reach people where they are, (2) how different people think and express ideas across cultures and sub-cultures, and (3) how the thoughts and expressions of people affect their behavior.

Building and Rebuilding the Christian Family — CC 101

We live in perilous times. The strategy of the devil has focused on the destruction of the family. This lively seminar sets a standard against the moral decay of our world, and rebuilds the Christian home as the salt and light for our world.

Human Development — CC 415

This seminar is an introduction to human development from the perspective of physical, emotional, intellectual, moral, and social development.  The content of the seminar blends science and Christian beliefs about the course of man’s life from conception to the grave.

Adolescents in Conflict — CC 408

The stresses in our world effect everyone. Often, the problems seen in families are manifested through the child or adolescent. This seminar will teach the student to understand normal child development, the needs of the child and adolescent, and how to assist parents to help their children.

Substance Abuse and the Family — CC 405

This is a seminar designed to familiarize the Christian counselor with the specific problems in substance abuse, with special emphasis on the family issues. The seminar participant will become familiar with the 12 step models used in dealing with drug and alcohol abuse.

Turning Points: Ministry in Crisis Times — CC 402

Drug and alcohol problems, mid-life crisis, the empty nest syndrome, child discipline issues, and teen pregnancy are a few of the themes covered in this seminar. Not only are the problems described, but also biblical solutions and godly wisdom are imparted to the participants to equip them for when the crisis comes.

I Want to be Like You Dad: Breaking Generational Patterns, Rebuilding the Father Image — CC 404

Because of the damage done by the sin in our world, many Christians struggle with fears and obsessions, depression and shame. This seminar outlines the process for reversing the curses on our lives, freeing us from the old life, and setting us upon a course of restoration and rebuilding an image of our self as reflecting Jesus. A powerful time of ministry follows where God’s power flows.

Trauma and Sexuality — CC 416

In the United States nearly 25% of all women and 10% of all men have been sexually abused by the age of 18. The problems which develop affect the Christian and non-Christian alike. In the 90′s, the church must be equipped to minister to the wounded soul, reaching the hurting in an effective manner.

Grief Relief: Overcoming Losses in Life — CC 402

Everyone experiences losses of various kinds from the loss of a loved one, divorce, church split, job, friend, etc. The grief process is natural, and God provides relief, comfort and ultimately victory. People who have experienced a major disappointment have been transformed by the power of this teaching and compassionate ministry.

Family Violence: Overcoming Patterns of Destruction-CC 406

It us unfortunately true that the family is often the place where the worst in human behavior can be found.  This seminar assists the compassionate counselor, pastor or lay leader develop effective ministry skills to combat this growing problem, both from a treatment perspective and preventatively.

Ministry Department

Preparing for Ministry


Leadership: Vision for the Cities — RS 304

This seminar presents some practical and biblical solutions to the need for solid Christian leadership in the local church. Such areas as worship leader skills, cell group leadership, and prayer group leadership are highlighted. Attention is also given to developing leadership in such areas as ushers, library, nursery care, and wedding consultant. This seminar will assist the local church to identify, develop, and maintain leaders in the local church.

 Supernatural Architecture: Preparing the Church for the 21st Century-RS 314

 As we begin a new millenium, the church must again revisit church history and biblical record to discover afresh proper biblical patterns for church growth and development.  This seminar explores in depth the paradigm shift from building the church to building the Kingdom of God, which will begin to emerge in what has been coined by Dr. C. Peter Wagner as the New Apostolic Reformation.

Better Than Revival-RS 216

The dynamics of revival, both historical and modern are explored, as well as alternatives to modern church growth theories.

Being Renewed

Living Abundantly: The Christian Life — RS 102

One aspect of the Christian life is to learn to live in harmony with the world. In this foundational course the key ingredients to gracious living are covered.

Introduction to the Christian Personality — GE 105

 “Why do I do what I do?” “Why do I think like I do?” “Why is my spouse/child/pastor so different?” These questions as well as how to effectively and with joy understand and manage our unique differences is presented in this seminar. Participants will learn their unique lifestyle and where they fit in the body of Christ. They will also learn about communication skills, etc.

40 Days to the Promise — RS 219

 This seminar examines the biblical perspective on Christian character and how God through His love and grace helps man to develop a right Christian character and personality.



The Healing Covenant — RS 205

 God is a covenant God. One of the covenants that God has made with his people is the covenant of healing. Christians need to become aware of their rights and responsibilities concerning this wonderful covenant. Further, unresolved emotional problems, bitterness over past hurts and low self-esteem are all possible causes of physical ailments. Medical science generally agrees that upwards of 85% of all physical sickness have its origins in the emotions. This seminar will help Christians get in touch with those feelings that may be the cause of their illness. Forgiveness of those who are responsible for the hurts often results in healing.

Gifts and Fruit of the Holy Spirit

Clothed with Power — RS 204

This study focuses on the ministry of the Holy Spirit, spiritual fruit and spiritual gifts. Students are guided in discovery of their own spiritual gifts and position of ministry in the body of  Christ.


 Dynamics of Teaching — ED 101

This seminar is designed for the Christian teacher who wishes to increase his effectiveness in a teaching ministry. Sunday school teachers, youth leaders, pastors and other individuals in the ministry of teaching God’s Word would profit from this seminar/ workshop.

 The Organized Church

 Building God’s Church — RS 207

The Lord is calling for leaders to establish the church He said He would build.  This dynamic study will provide the framework and inspiration to build the local church according to God’s plan.

 Pastoral Leadership — RS 301

This is a study of the practical side of a minister’s life and duties. It will include instructions in the proper manner of services and a discussion of many of the problems a pastor faces.

 Training for Cell Group Leadership — RS 335

 This is a training seminar for mobilizing and training lay people for a cell group explosion. This course includes a study of church growth tools available to today’s churches. The cell group concept has become a wonderful tool of evangelism in many parts of the Christian world. The church in the United States is only beginning to take advantage of the possibilities of this ministry.


 Strategies for Spiritual Harvest — RS 317

The initial call of Jesus to men was to be spiritually reproductive: “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” His final command, that of the Great Commission, also challenged followers to spiritual reproduction. Using the analogy of the natural harvest, this course focuses on promises of spiritual harvest, things that prevent harvest, and keys to effective harvest. It communicates the vision, which the remainder of Institute training equips students to fulfill.


 World Missions for Today–Becoming a World Christian — RS 305

The Church in America has prospered under God’s mighty hand. For too long, Christians, even leaders, have enjoyed this blessing of the prosperity without understanding God’s plan for it. Over 90% of the wealth of Christians remain in the local western church. God wants the church to awaken to its responsibility for the whole world. This seminar will change the Christian’s view of the Great Commission and what the role of each Christian should be in the fulfilling of that commission.

 Warfare and Deliverance

 The Two Kingdoms: Angels and Demons Part One– RS 303

 The Two Kingdoms: Angels and Demons Part Two — RS 313

 These seminars  present a solid biblical understanding of the existence and activities of the two kinds of heavenly beings, angels and demons. The seminar also deals with the specific powers of each and helps the Christian discover what authority the believer has when dealing with demons.

Theology Department

Basic Doctrines

 New Beginnings: A Sure Foundation — RS 101

In the New Testament, when a Hebrew was born again, his faith was built on a strong foundation of the law and the prophets. When the Gentiles were saved, they did not have the same strong foundation. Without a solid foundation, believers will stumble and fall. New Beginnings assures that the believer will have a solid foundation on which to build.

 The Cross and the Crown: Our Glorious Salvation — RS 203

A detailed study of the major terms related to salvation including election, atonement, redemption, propitiation, justification, the believer’s security, and the consummation of God’s redemptive purpose.

 Immanuel: God With Us — RS 206

A study of the Person and work of Christ as revealed in messianic prophecy, the incarnation, and His ministry as Prophet, Priest and King.


 Throne Rights: Our Authority in Christ — RS 201

In this unique seminar, the instructor helps the Christian discover his rights and privileges found in the throne of God. Many have longed for the outpouring of God’s Spirit, to return us to the power of the first century church. In this seminar we see the church in power, the church in contrast, the church in conflict, the church in trouble and the church in triumph. The seeds of revival are uncovered.

 The Kingdom, the Power, the Glory — RS 111

The “Gospel of the kingdom” shall be preached in all the world before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 24:14). Understanding of kingdom principles is necessary if one is to spread the Gospel of the kingdom. This course focuses on pattern and principles of kingdom living applicable to life and ministry.


 Faith Dynamics — RS 209

Without faith, it is impossible to please God. Faith is the divine substance in and through which Christians must operate. This seminar will help the student to understand, develop and utilize his/her faith for the kingdom of heaven.

Mountain Movers: Faith Dynamics II – RS 317

 A continuation of the studies in the dynamics of faith.

 Holy Spirit

 Charismata: Equipped to Serve — RS 217

In this study of the theology of the Holy Spirit, the instructor will lead the participants into an understanding of the complete ministry of the Holy Spirit in the individual Christian’s life. Emphasis will be placed on how to allow the Holy Spirit to move in one’s life though His various gifts.

 Church Government

 The Ministry Gifts:  Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers — RS 211

Jesus “gave gifts to men!” These precious and important gifts are men and women God has called as His Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors and Teachers. Discover how these gifts are being restored to His church and how they function to equip the saints for the work of the ministry.

 Setting the House in Order: Studies in God’s Government — RS 304

 The principles of government according to God’s Word are presented with clarity in this seminar. Comparisons are made between God’s government and the governments of the world. Old Testament types and shadows are used to illustrate the building of the House of God for His glory.

Prelude to a Requiem: Principles of Leadership from the Upper Room

 So much  can be learned by what Jesus taught and demonstrated in the Upper Room, with emphasis on principles of leadership found in John 13-17.


 When the Trumpet Sounds — RS 208

 A seminar dealing with the end times and with such topics as the rapture of the church, the fate of those left behind, the revelation of the anti-Christ and the final revelation of Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

 Knowing the Will of God

 Discovery: Finding God’s Will-RS 307

Finding, knowing and flowing in God’s will is more a process and journey than an event.  The joy of the journey is discovered and various theories are reviewed in light of God’s word.

Others in Development

 What does God Want? A Study in Ethical Christian Living

The Overcomers Life: His Presence, Past, Purpose and Power

From a Father’s Heart: Principles of Wisdom for Youth


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