How to Plan a Seminar

The Seminar Itself

Decide on which seminar would best meet the needs of the local church in coordination with the VISION director. Contact Vision to check possible dates and the availability of the instructor.

Select the individual in the local church who will serve as Chairman and Coordinator of the seminar and someone to serve as Registrar.

After the date, time, and teacher have been agreed upon, plan your advertising strategy. Camera-ready flyers, newspaper ads, etc. will be furnished by Vision.

At least one month before the seminar:

Place ads in the newspaper and begin advertising in the church bulletin.

Mail out flyers to all the churches in the area.

Organize a telephone squad to call as many churches and individual Christians as possible. This can continue up until the day of the seminar.

Contact the local Christian Radio Station for possible free spot announcements.

Appoint a refreshments committee to provide snacks and drinks.

This committee should also prepare a light lunch for Saturday or prepare a list of nearby restaurants.

Make plans to pick up the speaker from the airport.

Make reservations at a hotel. If the speaker is driving make sure he has directions to the hotel.

On the day of the seminar:

Have coffee and doughnuts ready half an hour before the starting time.

Have signs directing people to the auditorium and rest rooms if necessary.

Have a registration table near the front door with personnel to register guests, collect money due, and provide each guest with a name card.

Make certain that two people are responsible for money at all times.

Make sure the speaker has everything he or she needs: microphone, overhead projector, chalkboard and chalk (or white board and markers), water, and any other items requested.

Provide a table for books and tapes for sale as well as a reliable  person to take care of the table.

The Finances

The normal tuition for each seminar (if taken for credit) is $65.00 per credit hour.  Each seminar is 3 credit hours plus the cost of the Textbook.

The teacher/Vision is to receive 40 % of the tuition, or $350.00, which ever is greater, to be paid at the time of the seminar.  However, the local church should plan on having the teacher as a Sunday morning speaker and take a love offering unless the church has another policy for the speaker’s honorariums.

After the expenses are paid the church will keep 60% of what is left from the tuition, the balance of the tuitions are to be sent to Vision, as per contract. This applies only if a minimum of twenty participants attend.

Of course, if you are not as of yet a Vision Satellite College, we would love to assist you in becoming one, and can work out other arrangements for finances as necessary.


Keep track of the names and addresses of all participants. These are the people you will contact when you hold another seminar. Make sure the speaker has transportation to the airport.  Complete and forward the seminar evaluation form to the offices of Vision with suggestions of improvements, and suggestions of other seminars not listed in this catalog and general comments.

A list of books and tapes are available upon request from Vision Publishing.

Alphabetical Index of Seminars

Adolescents in Conflict

Assessment of Human Needs

Basic Bible Survey: Introduction & Old Testament

Basic Bible Survey: New Testament

Better Than Revival

Bible: That Incredible Book

Biblical Management Principles

Building and Rebuilding Christian Family

Building God’s Church

The Charismata

Clothed with Power

Cross and the Crown: Our Glorious Salvation

Cross Cultural Counseling

Discovery: Finding God’s Will

Dynamics of Teaching

Faith Dynamics

Family Violence

40 Days to the Promise

Fresh Manna

Great Themes of the Gospels

Grief Relief

Healing Covenant, The

Human Development

Immanuel: God with Us

Introduction to Christian Personality

I Want to be Like You, Dad

Journey to Wholeness: Restoration of the Soul

Kingdom Living

Leadership: Vision for the Cities

Living Abundantly: The Christian Life

Ministry Gifts, The

Mountain Movers

New Beginnings

On Belay! Introduction To Christian Counseling

Pastoral Ministry

Putting the House in Order

Strategies for Spiritual Harvest

Substance Abuse and the Family

Supernatural Architecture

Throne Rights

Training for Cell Group Leadership

Trauma and Sexuality

Two Kingdoms, The — Part I and II

Turning Points: Ministry in Crisis Times

When the Trumpet Sounds

World Missions for Today