World Zone Update — Africa

The Africa Zone consists of the 49 Nations in what is commonly known as Sub-Sahara Africa. The Africa zone is divided into three regions and each region has a director and regional office.

  • The West Africa Regional Director is Rev. Morris Yeedoun and the office is based in Ivory Coast. Rev. Yeedoun also covers the French speaking nations from the West Africa office.
  • The East Africa Regional Director is Rev. David Cerar and the office is based in Kenya.
  • The Southern Africa Regional Director is Rev. Kobin Archary and the office is based in South Africa.

Currently, we are pursuing national accreditation in Ghana, Liberia, and Ivory Coast. If we are able of obtain these national accreditations it will give Vision accredited status on most of the continent. We are in the process of building campuses in these nations as a requirement for accreditation. Please stand with us in prayer for the completion of these projects.

The emphasis of many of the Resource Centers we have across Africa is church planting. The graduates of these Resource Centers are encouraged to plant a new church taking the Gospel to new locations. Many times, these new churches are reaching unreached people groups. In the last 20 years we have seen several thousand churches established using graduates of Vision.

On May 1st I announced to the church here in Kuwait that I will be stepping down as their pastor the end of December 2020. At that time Kath and I will move back to the US and base out of our home in Louisiana. Dr. DeKoven and I are in discussions about me coming to work fulltime for Vision overseeing Vision’s International Operations. My main function will be to help revitalize our World Zone Network and to help with training and church planting in each world zone. I am excited and looking forward to getting back into fulltime mission work with Vision. Between now and January 2021 Dr. DeKoven and I will work out all the details and we will keep you updated.

Together we will see the whole word taken to the whole world.

Steve Mills