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Dr. Stan DeKoven is the founder of Vision International Training and Education Network (VITEN) and the founder of Vision International University (VIU). Dr. DeKoven is an internationally known educator, author, speaker, and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

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I hope you find this short introductory video from Dr. DeKoven to be educational and fruitful.   Below are a few samples of Dr. DeKoven’s books for a complete selection vision our website at

Grace and Truth Conclusion

Truth or Consequences The fact is, grace does not remove consequences for our decisions and misdeeds for the scripture still states that seed time and harvest or sowing and reaping would never cease (Gen. 8:22). We can, however, walk in truth by grace, as empowered by the Holy Spirit.  We can avoid experiencing the ultimate […]

Grace and Truth Part VI

The Grace of Truth for Us: Truth or Consequences As previously stated in the Old Testament, the Law of Moses was in fact full of mercy and grace, as God was gracious to His people, the children of Israel. He gave them such wonderful benefits, especially compared to other nations in their region of the […]

Grace and Truth – Part V

Grace Indeed Her name just happened to be Grace, but she was anything but gracious in appearance or graceful in action. Tall, exceedingly thin and awkward, even her smile was more crooked than straight. But, ungraceful Grace was a woman full of grace – true grace she lived and grace she gave to others. She […]

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The whole Word to the whole world!

I thank God and thank you for imparting a foundation of humility, servant leadership, continuous learning and development, building leaders, courage, listening and creating a safe environment, planning strategically, Christ being the center.. and so on.
Thank you for a high quality, balanced, and profound materials that became a rich reference for my journey with God.”