Certified Christian Life Coach Opportunity

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,   

The mission of Vision International University has always been to effectively educate and train, by means of distance education, men and women called to Christian service. We believe that even in times of world uncertainty, political unrest , and tough financial times that, God’s gifts and calling are not diminished. In fact, just the opposite is true for those who are not afraid to step out in faith (as Isaiah did) and say, “Lord, send me (use me in this time)”.

Today, more than ever in history, people are looking for answers. In the secular world, new generations of business people are arising that are classified” Life Coaches”. In fact, this has been rated one of the fastest growing new careers and will continue to be so for the next 20 years or more (if the Lord tarries that long). Life Coaches help people in many areas from learning to deal with other people and relationships, to personal wellness, to executive and career mentoring, and even parenting

So, we are especially pleased to announce a new program and certification we are going to be able to offer to the Vision Network and provide online training to become a Certified Christian Life Coach. We have been working toward this for some time with one of our ministry partners, Dr. Mark Chironna of Legacy church in the Living Edge is a Certified license with (see markchironna.com/LifeCoaching). Along with Mark, our faculty includes Bob Nolan, M.A., who specializes in Prophetic Coaching, and Dr. Tim Hamon, CEO of Christian International.

Through this new certification, you will learn how to understand people’s different behavioral styles and how to motivate each of them. You will received a coaching and a counseling course (online) as well as a plan for marketing and access to your own online resource center with materials to help you with your first clients. There has never been a simpler way to become equipped to mentor others…and I believe this is an opportunity for many in our network to also earn supplemental income doing what you love to do most.

The program is designed to help the novice coach to be successful yet meaningful enough to still provide the tools and resources for people who have been in ministry for years.

I am attaching the information for the program (see brochure). Anyone in the Vision Network is being given a 60% reduction in the program cost plus an extra $500 for life credit and your affiliation with Vision. Also, when you contact IML for more information they will give you a sample assessment and profile much like you will be using with others once you are certified. This alone is a $60 value and there is no charge for this…so at least take the time to find out more about yourself and what your motivators are!

I highly recommend you prayerfully consider this opportunity.


Dr. Stan DeKoven

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