Grace and Truth Part II

With the words of the song “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood still resounding in my ears, I am reminded that yearly the American people remember the events of September 11, 2001.  We commemorate all that was lost on the anniversary of that dreadful day.  It was the day when the Twin Towers, representing American material strength, power, and prestige; came crashing down. To many, the towers were symbolic of our identity as US citizens.  It also represented who we were as a nation in terms of the global community and the influence we enjoyed with other world powers.

In our country, a great deal of faith has been placed in the power of our wealth and military might, both in the past and in the present.  At one time this power was deemed as invincible.  We now know better. As believers, we know intuitively not to put our trust in mammon which is the biblical term for the world system.

In Our Beginning  

The original settlers arrived on the eastern coast of this beautiful country to establish a colony at Plymouth Rock in pursuit of their religious freedom.  They wanted the freedom to worship the Lord as they wished, without governmental interference.  We know that freedom was not easily won, for many lost their lives in the process of establishing their colony.  Nevertheless the battle was fought and the victory obtained through sheer persistence, dedication, and devotion to the Lord.

The dedication of these founding fathers to the Lord was evidenced by the words we find etched upon our currency.  It states, “In God We Trust.”  Because the very establishment of this country was based upon the right to serve the Lord, God blessed it. The proof of God’s blessing is evident by the power, prestige, and influence this country has experienced.  The Twin Towers are representative of the success of this great nation in the pursuit of its happiness, but perhaps even more importantly, the right to serve the Lord in freedom.  God blesses those who put Him first.

The towers may have been important symbols representing the success of the United States, but the attackers robbed us of the symbols, not our true identities. No one can take away our identity.  They cannot erase the knowledge of who we are.   In the words of our founding fathers we are, “One nation under God.”  Any who have an identity rooted in God, need not fear.  Our identity as God’s children is safe and sound in his loving arms.

As much as I love the United States and still grieve over the loss of the 9/11 victims, I acknowledge that my primary loyalty is to Christ.  We have no king but Jesus, and all of our national allegiance must be subordinate to the Kingdom of God.

My meditation, beginning in the later part of 2009 has been on both the Twin Towers and what I now call the Twin Towers of the Father’s revelation to us in Christ, grace and truth.  Just as the twin towers in New York represented who we were and are as a nation, the twin towers of the Father’s heart represent who we are in Christ.

The following is derived from my study and preaching on John 1:6-18, with special emphasis on verses 14-18.  In these nine chapters, based upon my five messages, I hope to tantalize your taste buds and fully whet the appetite of you, the reader.   I want to encourage you to get the CD’s or DVD of the messages to go deeper in personal study on these Twin Towers of the Father’s Heart…grace and truth.  Discover not only who He is, but also who you are in Him.

Dr. Stan DeKoven…with more to discoveries to come.

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