Loving Me Loving You – What Does God Want Part VIII

To love like this requires humility, God working in us to will and to do (Phil 2: 13) his good pleasure. Love of this type, unselfish agape love, must flow from a person settled on who they are in relation to God and others. We must remember that all people are God’s creation … including oneself! For we are all fearfully and wonderfully made, in God’s image, for fellowship with him, and we have the privilege of serving one another as an expression of God’s love for all. (Ps. 139:14)

 Jesus the Model

 Jesus is our model, a man of actions vs the religious words of His contemporaries, and he wants us to defy logic as well, and love with a passion, because he first loved us. (See Mark 3: 1-6.)

 What does God Want?

 Simply, to see the completion of all that was lost in the fall restored to his creation. In fact, He completed the work on the cross. It is now the responsibility of the church to take our marching orders from him, and live a life of ethical purity, as overcomers in and through Christ, by the preaching of the Word of God and a demonstration of God’s love in the world.

 “And they overcame him (Satan), by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the Word of their Testimony, and they did not love their own life, even unto death.” (Rev. 12:11)

 We were born to overcome … we overcome all things through love.

 Concluding Thoughts

 A couple of years back, a Korean student, obviously driven by a mind out of control, killed 33 students in a senseless act of brutality. What should be done? Abortion remains a scourge in Western cultures, as millions of unborn are murdered each year. Wars rage, AIDS is wiping out areas of Africa, genocide remains the lot of many, and mental illness is seemingly growing around the world. What are we to do? How do we respond to the homeless, the hurting, the lost and disenfranchised? Each person must make his or her own decisions, but should certainly consider the principles of the Word of God, many of which are discussed in the pages of the book, What Does God Want? It is certainly time for the church to refocus its prayers. Our concern, our passion, should be concentrated on being and doing what God wants … the highest calling is to glorify God, and we do this best when we live aligned with God and His word.


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