Walk in His Ways- Part V

As I started in the last blog, Moses, the meekest man on earth, who shepherded over 1,000,000 stiff necked people through the wilderness, and prepared them for the land of promise, knew something about what the Lord wanted. In the passage referenced in the last  blog, God wants us to learn to live according to his precepts. This includes to…

Live in the fear of the Lord,; we must learn to walk in His ways. Of course, to know his ways requires knowledge of the Word of God. It does indicate that there is a correct way to walk. Jesus said that he is the way, and is the way maker (the door). In following Christ and his teachings, we begin to fulfill the Moses Mandate of walking in the ways of the Lord.

 Love God (and others)

Part of walking in the way is to walk in love for God and others. More will be discussed on this in our last article. Our ultimate goal, the goal of instruction, as discussed by Paul the apostle, is love, agape love, unselfish God like love for the Lord and His creation. (see 1 Tim. 1:5)

 Serve Others

 Love is demonstrated in service to others. Jesus set the standard extremely high when he used an outcast Samaritan as an example of love for others. Rubbing the lack of care for the wounded in the nose of the Pharisees was certainly one of Christ’ goals, but primarily he desired that his disciples learned a different level of love … truly love of the same quality as the love of his Father.

 With All One’s Heart

 Of course, love was to be with passion, with all one’s being, not mere sentimentality, nor just altruistic service. Rather, passionate, and compassionate love for others was the requirement of the people of God, the mandate of Moses, but only realized by the Holy Spirit living through a believer.

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